Friday, January 8, 2010

When your day doesn't start well...

  1. One of the cats has peed in the sink.
  2. Ends up on a snow bank in an attempt to avoid hitting another car.
  3. Attempts to extract self from snow bank without avail.
  4. Exits vehicle and evaluates situation.
  5. Calls husband for rescue.
  6. While waiting a kind stranger pulls car out of snow bank using a strap and a bad-ass Ford F450.
  7. Contacts husband to call off rescue effort.
  8. Merges onto expressway, reaches respectable speed and front end of car starts to shake.
  9. Convinced of have a flat, pull the car over on the shoulder to evaluate the problem.
  10. Find both tires are fine, but perhaps a little low.
  11. Decides to call husband to report latest development, but has "Low Battery" cell phone juice. 
  12. Reasons problem is just the tires - no need to worry husband.
  13. Drive slowly (read - posted speed limit) to the Oasis with intent to fill tires with air at the gas station.
  14. Arrive at said gas station only to see the air machine is out of order.
  15. Remember that there is an emergency air compressor in the trunk.
  16. Hope that when you open the trunk that the trunk lock will latch and close properly without much fiddling since penguins are only comfortable in this arctic weather.
  17. Plug compressor into cigarette lighter-receptacle-thingy.  Attempt to turn on compressor without luck.
  18. Plug compressor into second cigarette lighter-receptacle-thingy.  Attempt to turn on compressor without luck again. 
  19. Blown fuse.
  20. Now realizes why cell phone charger does not work any longer.
  21. Also realizes problem with front end is not the tires, but a "bigger problem."
  22. Continues trek to work hoping car will not fall apart.
  23. Arrives to work with great urge to pull out knitting in an effort to relax. 

How were the first 2 1/2 hours of your day today?


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