Sunday, June 24, 2007

Couple of Nerds

While watching a training DVD with my step-daughter, she says..."I must really be a nerd. I really enjoy watching this!"

She vocalized my exact thoughts.

Progress of Direct Home Sales

I have been an official consultant for a body care/skin care company for just about two weeks. Since then, I have been absolutely mad in organizing my business. I think I've nearly killed a tree with all paper I've printed up.

The Company recommends that new consultants host a "business launch" within 7-10 days of starting the biz. This is mostly to keep you motivated and to help start placing parties on your calendar. The idea is that you invite your friends & family, pamper them a bit with some product, they fall in love with the product, they purchase some product, they schedule a party & if you're lucky someone decides that they want to become a consultant as well. Well.....I scheduled my business launch, invited my friends and no-one attended. Several did respond that they could not make it, however I harbored the secret thought that someone wouldn't officially RSVP and would just show up. Silly I know. Time to start over. In the mean time, I've been planting seeds (sometimes not so delicately) with friends that they should hostess a party. It will eventually all come together.

On a positive note, I have recruited my first consultant. Haven't even had a party yet I've managed to recruit someone. For recruiting someone within my first 3 months, I receive $75.00 in free product or kit building materials! Yahoo! That someone happens to be my step-daughter. She's as mad about The Company products as I am. This will be a fantastic job for her - especially since she is headed off to college in the fall. We think she'll do really well on campus!

Time to watch an instructional DVD. The training materials are actually pretty good!

As for "The Company" - if you'd like to know the name, then you'll need to email me for the answer. I will leave them nameless for now. I will tell you that it is not Mary Kay. Those women give me the creeps. (Sorry BlkShadowRider & Fancy!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Every year I try to push my boundaries a little bit. Never in such a way which is personally dangerous or causes me to spiral out of control. Just something which pushes the comfort zone. This blog for example was an experiment. I'm not sure that it is going exceedingly well, but it's my little ole blog and I'm happy with it.

Last week while cleaning the house before a family get-together I found a postcard which I had tossed to the side. After pondering for a bit, I told Mr. CrazyCat that I wanted to attend a meeting to explore direct home sales for a company that I just love. He was extremely supportive (he is Mr. Entrepreneur himself) but had some questions just to ensure that it was a good business venture.

While at the meeting, I was excited and hesitant all at the same time. I asked my questions and wanted to share with Mr. CrazyCat. He, of course, could not be reached during my time of need - so I made an executive decision and signed up! I'm much more impulsive by nature so it didn't surprise him to learn that I joined. I was super excited when I called him - but he had question after question. It kinda squashed my excitement, but I know he was looking out for my best interest. (for the record - he is still super supportive and encouraging!)

The next morning I woke up and I wondered, "What the hell did I just do?" I felt so overwhelmed ... I need to schedule my business launch, I need to start booking parties, I need training, I don't know the entire product line, I don't even know what to say at the parties, I don't want to be that pushy sales lady with my friends...GACK!

While at work, I shared my new business with a friend. She was very excited for me, but not familiar with the product. I told her that I'd love to go over to her house and show her the product. Which is totally true. She gets to try product and I get to work out the kinks. win-win!

This might not be so bad after all!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Garage Sale Discoveries

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had purchased a bit of yarn at a garage sale recently. I know quite well that there wasn't any rational reason to go to the garage sale and purchase yarn - especially when I have over three totes full of yarn which have yet been touched. None-the-less I could not help myself from driving over and perusing the stash which was on sale. I ended up with yarns from around the world...

#1 - Cotton Twist - 100% cotton, 3.5 oz, actual yardage is unknown, made in France. The color is more of a light brown versus the mushroom shown in the picture.

#2 - Twiggy Tweed - 100% wool, 3.5 oz, 380 yards, made in France

#3 - "Focus on Cotton" by Patons , Cotton, Mohair, Acrylic & Nylon, 25 grams, made in Great Britain (purchased 4 - 5 of these)

#4 - "The Ritz" by Olareve for Tahki. Viscose, Mohair, Polyamide, Lamb's wool & Polyester. 80 yards, made in France. (I bought three of these)

#5 - "Dusty" - Cotton & Linen, 220 yards, made in Holland

#6 - "Fable", Pima cotton & Silk, ~ 184 yards, made in Peru

All of this just for $20.00 USD!! I'm not quite sure what I'll do with all of it. I thought perhaps I'd make items for an upcoming craft faire where I'll be donating a part of my proceeds to my local chapter of NOW. I've already made two scarves and have a third in progress. Yippee!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Holiday Recovery

Memorial Day 2007 has come and gone. Summer has unofficially started. Where did the first 5 months of the year go? Good grief!

Well, Mr. CrazyCat and I took the girl up to the farm for the holiday. There we met the rest of Mr. CrazyCat's family. There was much fun, relaxing, eating, drinking, recovering, CatchPhrasing and sleeping. That 'eating', though, can get you into trouble...and I don't mean overeating. Food poisoning is more like it. Yep, yours truly caught yet another case of food poisoning. Of course the day I started feeling crappy was the day that I convinced the family to make a trip over to Bayfield, WI. Everyone was excited to actually get out and "do something" - except me. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to go but I wasn't as excited as I had expected to be. At the time, I wasn't quite sure was wrong but I knew that I didn't want to be far from a bathroom. Sad. While I may not have been feeling up-to-par, I still managed to spend time in the yarn shop and purchased two patterns. I might just give this needle knitting thing a chance.

During the weekend, I did manage to knit up two scarves from yarn I purchased at a garage sale.

#1 - The Neckwarmer
I was really intrigued by this yarn. Silvery, metallic-y, mohairy, French yarn.

The result is a beautiful, lacey neckwarmer. I used the mock-crochet stitch on the blue round knifty knitter loom. 12 - 14 stitches wide (I don't remember and am too lazy to walk downstairs to count). Not sure about the length. I used just shy of 65 yards of yarn. I know - I'm a wealth of knowledge.

#2 - The Scarf
I used the mock crochet stitch on the small blue round knifty knitter loom for this scarf as well. This scarf is just 8 stitches wide. The length is unknown, but long enough for you to wrap around your neck once and still have plenty of length left on the ends. The color is so delicate - light peach with medium rose slubs spun in sporadically.

I really love the way this stitch create a bobble finished edge. I wish I could wear mohair - I would love to wear this scarf out-and-about. Instead I am resigned to sell it at a craft fair in August.