Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Letter from my Husband

Dearest wife,

Seems your daughter is even more "head strong" than you. (pig headed might even be an appropriate word)

Our little joy and I had a to-doo today that took a little over an hour of our respective lives. (Which of course, I have much less of in reserve)

Seems our "precious", enjoys throwing cat food around the kitchen as I found her engaged in this activity much to my dismay. I immediately took action to end the aforementioned activities and found myself demanding that she clean up her mess. I engaged her and she cleaned up every piece of cat food (at least a hundred or more) piece by agonizing piece by picking it up and placing it in the closest cat bowl. Over and over and over again until there were 7 pieces of cat food left on the mat. At this point she declined further action on the cleaning front and decided that she had done all she was going to do. This became an issue for me and our standoff commenced. She wailed her discontent and stopped only to insert her thumb into her mouth for the purposes of suction. I laid down and waited for her every now and then asking in a firm but reasonable voice to please "finish up," "Clean up her mess", "She made it, she cleans it." Etc. She removed herself a number of times only to have me walk her back to her perch and counter with her wails of discontent. The neighbors I am sure have called state agencies who are probably assembling with swat teams and firearms outside for a raid at any time. The standoff continued for a minimum of an hour with her scheming to walk off and entertain herself with a ball or other toy and I countering with a quick and decisive walk back to the cat bowls. The cats of course were probably starving but would have none of this war and stayed clear. Finally, she relented and picked up the 7 pieces of offending cat food. All is well with the world now.

I win and she gets to nap. Unfair this world be. Unfair indeed.

With love and affection,

Your husband.


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