Monday, April 5, 2010

Ulitmate Push-Up Challenge 2010

It was my intention to blog every day during my Ultimate Push-Up Challenge 2010. Clearly that has not happened. Let's see how I've done:

Day 1
I struggled with my decision how to approach the challenge. Is the goal to perform 100 push-ups a day for 100 days. Should I attempt to perform 100 consecutive push-ups? Should I do one set of 10 at a time? Do as many as I can at a time? I obsessed over this a bit too much - as usual.

I decided to do as many push-ups as possible a day, with the goal of 100 push-up per day. I started at lunch and tried to do as many consecutive push-ups as possible. I first tried your standard "good-form" push-up where the only points on the floor were my toes & hands. I eeked out two push-ups. Really? Yup - just two. Then I tried an alternative-form from my knees. I managed to do 10 good push-ups. From the knees it is from here on out.

Before I left the office, I did another set of 10. OMG! I thought my right arm was going to fall off during my drive home.

No - I'm not kidding.

Before I went to bed I eeked out another set of 10.

Total push-ups: 32

Day 2

After I woke up I immediately did a set of 10. Then I walked into the bathroom and did a set of 10 reverse push-ups using the bath-tub as my support structure. Yahoo! It's 5:30am and I'm up to 20 push-ups for the day!

At lunch I went into a conference room and did a pitiful 6 push-ups before my arms completely gave out.

Total push-ups: 26

Day 3

I decided to take the day off.

Total push-ups: 0

Day 4

A breakthrough day!

During my obsessing on Day 1, I found a website that has created a six week training program to help you perform 100 consecutive push-ups. They're plan seems easy enough, so I thought I'd give it a go. I started at the beginning - Week 1, Day 1 (6 - 10 push-up column). Did two full sets - once in the morning and again before bed. I also did 6 reverse push-ups.

HOLY CRAP! I did as significantly more push-ups today! My goal of 100 push-ups a day is getting closer.

Total push-ups: 66


Thursday, April 1, 2010

100 Push-up Challenge - Day 1

An old friend of mine challenged me to participate in a 100 Push-up, 100 Days Challenge.  This is based on the 100 Push-ups, 100 Days Challenge! she found on Facebook.
When she brought it up recently it seemed that we had different interpretations of the challenge.  I understand it to be 100 push-ups per day for 100 days.  Not consecutive push-ups, just 100 throughout the day.  Her understanding...well it isn't mine and I'm not entirely clear what her understanding of the challenge is. 
None-the-less the challenge starts today.  Of course I had forgotten it started today until I read one of her FB postings reminding me of the start date.  *sigh*  I'm already off to a bad start.
Well it is lunchtime now and it is a beautiful day.  I should march right downstairs (using the stairs and not the elevator of course) and do some push-up outside...and I would if I didn't feel so goofy about doing them in public. 
I think I'm going to find a conference room and close the door.   Wish me luck!