Sunday, June 24, 2007

Progress of Direct Home Sales

I have been an official consultant for a body care/skin care company for just about two weeks. Since then, I have been absolutely mad in organizing my business. I think I've nearly killed a tree with all paper I've printed up.

The Company recommends that new consultants host a "business launch" within 7-10 days of starting the biz. This is mostly to keep you motivated and to help start placing parties on your calendar. The idea is that you invite your friends & family, pamper them a bit with some product, they fall in love with the product, they purchase some product, they schedule a party & if you're lucky someone decides that they want to become a consultant as well. Well.....I scheduled my business launch, invited my friends and no-one attended. Several did respond that they could not make it, however I harbored the secret thought that someone wouldn't officially RSVP and would just show up. Silly I know. Time to start over. In the mean time, I've been planting seeds (sometimes not so delicately) with friends that they should hostess a party. It will eventually all come together.

On a positive note, I have recruited my first consultant. Haven't even had a party yet I've managed to recruit someone. For recruiting someone within my first 3 months, I receive $75.00 in free product or kit building materials! Yahoo! That someone happens to be my step-daughter. She's as mad about The Company products as I am. This will be a fantastic job for her - especially since she is headed off to college in the fall. We think she'll do really well on campus!

Time to watch an instructional DVD. The training materials are actually pretty good!

As for "The Company" - if you'd like to know the name, then you'll need to email me for the answer. I will leave them nameless for now. I will tell you that it is not Mary Kay. Those women give me the creeps. (Sorry BlkShadowRider & Fancy!)

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MK Ladies give me the creeps, too.