Sunday, February 4, 2007

Well the weather outside is frightful

I've just come inside from taking the trash out. The trash remains in the garage as the garbage cans were knocked over by the wind and I was not properly dressed to monkey around in this cold weather. Oh my goddess - it is freaking cold outside! reports it is -3 degrees F. ...and I'm walking around in my pj's and a sweatshirt. I'll admit, I'm not the brightest ray of sunshine at times.

I had previously blogged that I had completed all of my holiday 2006 gifts. I was feeling pretty good until I started thinking that I had wanted to give scarves (in addition to their hats) to my girlfriend and niece. Now of course they wouldn't know the difference that I cheated them out of a scarf, but I would and I was feeling terribly guilty. Needless to say, I made the scarves. I am now guilt free.

I actually had quite a bit of fun making the scarves. The purple scarf, in particular, is a favorite of mine due to to randomness of the pattern and the deconstructive look. I was inspired by a scarf my boss wore the other day. The pictures do not do the scarf justice. I should remember to take pictures during the day rather than at night. The lighting in our house is really poor.

I've learned that pom-poms take forever to create. Of course I make them like my great-grandma taught me - wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard. Each one was a struggle. Now I could go out an purchase a pom-pom maker - but where is the struggle in that??

I made both scarves on my Knifty Knitter board. My knitting board is presently occupied by my next project which is due on Valentines Day - but not for Mr. CrazyCat. More about that project later.

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Sean Carter said...

Hey those are beautiful...great work tanks for sharing it with us...and will be eagerly waiting for more updates on your Valentines Day project...well i've also posted a few things for Valentines Day over at my blog so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!